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Almost 6000 deaths since President Duterte took office.

Since President Duterte took office in the Philippines, there have been almost 6000 deaths in his personal war on drugs. All of this deaths are supposed drug user or drug dealers. But what this appears to be is beside the fact that he is “cleaning” the streets of Manila, there are some that think that this is a sign that President Duterte won’t have doubt to use deadly force if he thinks that his position is in danger and suspects of a possible coup.


Myanmar military burned Rohingya villages

Satellite images do not lie. What these images show is how the military forces of Myanmar were ordered to burn villages in Rohingya, according to Human Rights Watch.
The organization claims that the timing of the various incidents and their “spacial trends” offer evidence of a pattern that is “consistent with military operations and not random village acts of self-immolation.”
The east-to-west movement of buildings that were burned to the ground is consistent with a military sweep, according to Phil Robertson, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division.

Philippines President Duterte admits killing suspects

We all know the position that President Duterte has regarding criminal, the position that has been used for his opposition to attack him during his presidential campaign. This is something that President Duterte has always denied until now. A couple of days ago, President Duterte admitted that he order the killing of criminals while being the mayor of Davao City. And not just that, he also admitted that he killed some of them personally.

Former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos buried in Heroes’ cemetery

Last week, former president Ferdinand Marcos was buried in Heroes’ cemetery. This was something that President Duterte promised during his presidential campaign to the Marcos’ family in exchange for financial support of his campaign.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-15-18-06Ferdinand Marcos was a ruthless dictator wich was buried on the Marcos stronghold in the north of the Philippines after dying in Hawaii, where he was in exile after he was overthrown by the people of the Philippines.

This has been a very controversial decision, because it has reopened all wounds created by Marcos’ ruthless tortures and murders and plunder during his dictatorship. Duterte against the Filipino people?