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Flight Attendant Drops 70 lbs of cocaine at Airport

A Jet Blue flight attendant dropped a bag that contained almost 70 pounds of cocaine at Los Angles International Airport.  She was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.  She was randomly selected for security screening at LA airport that day.  The flight attendant was carrying two carry ons and a large purse.  Before the screening began she made a phone a call and talked in a foreign language.  Then she dropped her luggage and took off shoes and began to sprint out of the terminal.  TSA workers did not pursue her in order to secure the luggage.  Her luggage eleven packages of cocaine weighing 68.5 lbs.  She surrendered to Federal Agents Wednesday in New York City.  Jet Blue has not immediately responded to a request to comment.

Airstrikes Resume on Aleppo

For the first time in weeks Syrian warplanes carried out airstrikes in eastern Aleppo were rebels were reportedly hiding out.  The airstrikes began as preliminary operations on the city on Tuesday.  The Government sent a mass text message to Syrians in eastern Aleppo to leave in 24 hours or get caught in the airstrike.  One women died and five people were injured by a barrel bomb dropped by a helicopter.  The Syrian state television claims they were launching precision weapons to target terrorist position.  Syrian state television also claims that the Syrian Army has boots on the ground in several areas to tighten their control on rebel-held neighborhoods and has cut off supply lines from Idlib in the north.   

Assad Accuses the US of Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

According to President Assad, the US has been supporting terrorists in Syria in order to undermine the power of Russia and Iran. According to Assad all the ceasefires have failed because the US has been collaborating with the terrorists.  He blames the US for every failed attempt for a ceasefire or political initiative.  President Assad says that the US asks for a ceasefire whenever the terrorists are in a bad situation but not when the civilians are in need of support.  Assad believes that the US also gives supports to terrorist groups by using its allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  The western media is mainly focused on the civilian suffering.  The White House uses this to justify more involvement in the war and whatever way they deem necessary according to Assad.

African States Threaten to Leave ICC

Some African states that have signed the Rome Statute to the ICC are now considering leaving the ICC.  Controversy over the ICC has started to accumulate over the years from some states that the ICC of Western Imperialism, anti-african bias, and neo-colonialism.  Burundi has recently passed a bill signed by the President to withdraw from the ICC, but hasn’t written a letter yet to the Secretary General to notify him of their withdrawal.  Negative influence from Libya and Sudan have also impacted African states stance on the ICC.  However there is still strong support from other African states such as Botswana and Democratic Republic of Congo to stay with the ICC.

Syria’s First Lady Turns Down Chance to Flee War Torn Country

Asma al-Assad first lady of Syria was offered guaranteed protection and financial security if she and her children fled Syria.  Mrs. Assad turned down the offer stating to the Russian press that they weren’t concerned about her and her children but it was a political move to undermine her husband. Asma al-Assad is 41 years old and born in Britain, before marrying Assad she was an investment banker.   She also told Russian reporters that “I’ve been here since the beginning and I never thought about being anywhere else at all”.