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Who is Smuggling Civilians out of Mosul?

mosulSomeone is smuggling civilians out of Mosul – is it ISIS? Many believe members, or at the very least those with ties to the group, are profiting from a new business model which involves getting thousands of refugees out of the country undetected in exchange for their own personal cash fund. Suspicions of such have significantly increased since the discovery of mined territory put in place by members of the Islamic State. Those who have already reached safety say the men who smuggled them knew exactly where to go. They explained that payment of at minimum $200 per person was required before the smuggler would take them anywhere. Normally the United Nations would not allow something like this to continue, however, in many cases, this is the only way out.


One response to “Who is Smuggling Civilians out of Mosul?

  1. gfoster97 December 14, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    Smuggling has always been a problem in most of these types of countries. This city in Iraq is not surprising. The amount of conflicts that have happened in the past years, show almost a cause for this. Most parents would never want their children to go through the struggles of war and poverty. This interesting way that the UN is not stopping the smuggling of people out of the country to try to get away for the problem shows it could become a problem. Without the UN stopping this, there could be a high chance that they could not end up going to the places they were promised and end up into more trouble than the problem they were trying to get away from. But in the end, it is a way for people to have a chance to escape these struggles and hope for a better life.

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