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UN Security Council and North Korea.

December 7th 2016.

The UN Security Council will discuss the human rights violations in North Korea this Friday. The meeting was requested by 9 Council Members, Britain, France, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Ukraine and New Zealand. Back in 2014, the UN commission of inquiry had found many evidences against the authoritarian country for violating the human rights of its citizens through torture, starvation, imprisonment and execution. North Korea has always denied such accusations and continued to pursue  their strict laws and inhumane treatment of their citizens.

However, the meeting on Friday will discuss North Korea’s forced labor and their diversion of resources to create more missile and nuclear programs; something that is being increasingly  In the past, the General Assembly has persuaded the Security Council to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court for its war crimes, however China has always blocked these moves as it is an important ally of North Korea.


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