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Russia Prohibits Syrian Ceasefire

Both Russia and China have vetoed the draft resolution proposed by the UN Security Council to declare a ceasefire in Aleppo. The ceasefire would have lasted seven days to allow for aid to be supplied to the more than 100,000 people under siege in Aleppo. The resolution was presented to the UNSC jointly by Egypt, New Zealand, and Spain. Venezuela also voted no and Angola abstained from voting; however, the other 11 UNSC members supported the resolution. Russia vetoed the resolution, claiming it did not meet the 24-hour traditional analysis period to review the wording of the resolution. Russia’s veto of the resolution helps preserve the military gains by Syrian troops. “This is the sixth time in five years that Russia has used its veto power to block a draft resolution on Syria” (BBC). The continual blockage by Russia to bring about a ceasefire in Aleppo only allows for the perpetration of more violence and the denial of necessary materials and medical aid.


One response to “Russia Prohibits Syrian Ceasefire

  1. gfoster97 December 14, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    This stall for help in Aleppo is hurting more than helping the cause. Russia, in my opinion, should vote for to stop the violence. With most of the other countries in support of the vote, why should it only be left mostly to Russia to determine the whole vote. If a country is in need of aid to stop the violence, it is human nature to assist them in their time of need. Russia needs to stop blocking the aid from getting to Aleppo for the civilians under attack. It is almost a moral code that human goes by that help should be given in a persons time of needs. The denial of assistance shows the lack of morals that Russia possesses.

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