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Donald Trump and Cuba

Following the death of former Cubatrumptweetn Prime Minister/ President/ Dictator Fidel Castro on November 25th. To the surprise of no one, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash the Cuban revolutionary. He was by no means alone in doing so. Fellow Republicans and Cuban-Americans Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have come out against Castro and even President Obama for being sympathetic after Castro’s death. Castro is accused of human rights violations against his own people after running an extremely repressive regime. 2016 has seen a turning point in American and Cuban relations as the Obama administration has moved to eliminate the trade embargo against Cuba. With Donald Trump taking office in January, the world must wait and see if this still goes through. The President-elect claimed that we would close the door on fixing relations with Cuba unless the “Castro (Raul, Fidel’s brother) government made significant concessions on human rights and other freedoms” (The New Yorker). While the aggressive stance that Trump is taking isn’t shocking, this admittedly came as a bit of a surprise to me. Trump has never come off as a protector of human rights before. This could all just be a tactic to win over public support just as much as him not wanting to do anything with Cuba. Perhaps he really does want to help the Cuban people, maybe he doesn’t want anything to do with it and is just trying to anger Castro to stop negotiations. With Trump, who knows. Still, it is good to see that he is at least vocally taking a stance for human rights. I still believe that American and Cuban relations will continue to progress, especially with the death of Fidel and Raul being 85. With power Cuban-American politicians like Cruz and Rubio I think that this is just Trumps unorthodox way of starting negotiations. Maybe we will even see another Trump Taj Mahal in Havana by 2020.

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President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro.


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