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Corporate Crimes in Malaysia?

Workers for McDonald’s in Malaysia have released statements claiming they are victims of labour exploitation, as seen in an article from The Guardian. The restaurants in Malaysia are not franchises like in other parts of the world, but owned directly by the company. The workers are not only being exploited by McDonald’s, but by a labor supply company, Human Connection HR. Among the many issues these workers are experiencing, McDonald’s pays them extremely low wages, and in most cases have withheld employee’s salaries, refusing to pay the employees on time. Because of this, workers have not been able to support themselves and their families with necessities such as food. The workers reporting these incidents were contracted to work for McDonald’s in Malaysia, from Nepal, by Human Connection. Since the workers are directly employed through Human Connection, McDonald’s managers have failed to address their concerns, stating that they can do nothing since Human Connection is their employer.


Many workers have come forward with claims that Human Connection takes their passports once they arrive in Malaysia, refusing to return them. This system is illegal; however, for Human Connection it enforces the workers’ contracts to McDonald’s. In an interview with one of the victims he said that “Even those who finished the three-year contract cannot go home because they don’t have their passports.” Many requests for their passports to return home have been denied. Accommodations for the workers provided by Human Connection have also raised concerns. In many situations 10 to 18 employees are forced to live in an extremely small space in poor conditions. Attempts to get a response from Human Connection HR, by The Guardian, regarding this situation failed.


One response to “Corporate Crimes in Malaysia?

  1. kmira471 December 1, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    I found this post interesting because I was shocked to read just how negatively impacted the lives of these employees at McDonalds where. By taking their passports, these innocent individuals had their whole lives turned upside down forever. This discovery makes me wonder just how extreme the extent is of these human rights violations are by big labor supply companies like Human Connection. Additionally, it is concerning that these issues are just coming to light now when they have most likely been occurring for decades. These workers are victims and they deserve justice for the damages that they have suffered. It is up to the victims to determine what they believe is suitable justice though; will the big name company of Human Connection take acknowledgement of what they have done? Will they provide the workers and their families with reparations? Will charges ever be brought against the company? For now, victims need to voice their concerns to get public awareness brought about the situation.

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