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Russia Withdraws Support From The ICC

A day after the court published a report claiming/classifying the Russian annexation of Crimea as an occupation, Russia has stated that it is formally withdrawing it’s signature from the ICC.

On Wednesday 16, November, the Russian foreign minister announced and carried out the orders of the president Vladimir Putin, “saying the tribunal had failed to live up to hopes of the international community and denouncing its work as “one-sided and inefficient””. The court has been accused of being one-sided numerous times and over the past couple of weeks; many countries have shown their displeasure with the court by withdrawing.
Russia signed the Rome Statute in 2000 and has been cooperating with the court, but it has not ratified the treaty, thus they were not in the courts jurisdiction, Even though this move is symbolic it will not change or effect the courts actions much. Instead they are taking the court’s credibility aw694940094001_5181416872001_what-does-vladimir-putin-hope-to-accomplishay.

“This is a symbolic gesture of rejection and says a lot about Russia’s attitude towards international justice and institutions,” said Tanya Lokshina. of Human Rights Watch. “On a practical level it will not make much difference, but it is a statement of direction: it shows that Russia no longer has any intention of ratifying the treaty in future or of cooperating with the court.”

Russia changed its view on the court as early as 2008,after the ruling to investigate the war between Russia and Georgia, to bring justice to the victims.

The ICC Commissioner says that there is no substitute to the ICC, and he hopes that countries will start realizing how important it is. “By withdrawing from the Rome Statute, leaders may shield themselves with immunities – but it will be at the cost of depriving their people of the protection of a unique and essential institution,” he warned.


2 responses to “Russia Withdraws Support From The ICC

  1. kmira471 November 17, 2016 at 11:34 am

    By Russia withdrawing its signature from the ICC, this may have an impact on the cooperation and involvement of the United States with the court. As a result, this would further discredit the already fragile credibility of the court. This is especially concerning in light of the recent presidential election. Donald Trump has repeatedly stated his desires to work with Russian President Putin and therefore may further sway the United States decision to join the court. If Trump does join forces and become allies with Putin, it could be detrimental to the international justice community in that two of the world’s largest powers are in direct opposition of the ICC. The ICC has faced an excessive amount of criticisms from several countries just in the short time that it has been established. Additionally, these criticisms focus on the same root issues time and time again, including one-sided prosecutions and victor’s justice. Therefore, it seems as though the court is not making a strong effort to fix these ailments, which could be detrimental to their existence as a reliable justice institution.

  2. bethanyparisi November 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    According to , the Phillipeans are withrdrawing from the ICC now that Russia has. If this becomes a trend, then the ICC will be in huge trouble. With not enough major powers in the ICC already, if other countries continue to withdraw as well then the ICC may end up ceasing to exist. If they do not have countries to help with arrests, then they cannot get the arrests which means there can be no trials. This all means that the ICC will then become useless. So something needs to happen to prevent other countries from withdrawing from the ICC.

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