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Immigrant Crisis in Hungary


Members of Jobbik – the radical-right challengers to Mr Orban’s Fidesz party – held aloft a banner during the vote, reading: “The traitor is the one who allows terrorists into the country for money”

The Prime Minster of Hungary’s attempt to block the immigration of Syrian refugees into Hungary has failed. PM Viktor Orban’s referendum to block the 1,294 refugees that would be settled in Hungary based in the EU quota system, was shot down by Parliament. The referendum failed to gain the two- thirds majority needed for the bill to pass. The PM’s party, Fidez, is the majority party in parliament, but the second largest party abstained from voting. This abstention is biggest reason the referendum did not pass. The second- largest party, Jobbik, is anti immigration, but they abstained because they want the anti immigration ban to apply to all foreigners. The Jobbik want Orban to get rid of the policy that allows rich foreigners to buy residency in Hungary of $330,000. A policy that has already allowed a Saudi Citizen with ties to Osama Bin Laden and on the FBI most wanted list, to buy residency in Hungary. And thousands of other non-EU citizen have bought residency in Hungary through this policy. Orban has called this power display “blackmail”, and Jobbik has said that they are willing to support Orban’s referendum after he scraps the foreigner bonds.


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