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Assad Accuses the US of Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

According to President Assad, the US has been supporting terrorists in Syria in order to undermine the power of Russia and Iran. According to Assad all the ceasefires have failed because the US has been collaborating with the terrorists.  He blames the US for every failed attempt for a ceasefire or political initiative.  President Assad says that the US asks for a ceasefire whenever the terrorists are in a bad situation but not when the civilians are in need of support.  Assad believes that the US also gives supports to terrorist groups by using its allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  The western media is mainly focused on the civilian suffering.  The White House uses this to justify more involvement in the war and whatever way they deem necessary according to Assad.


2 responses to “Assad Accuses the US of Supporting Terrorist Groups in Syria

  1. Mckenna WestCoates November 3, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    I feel Assad’s statements may have some bits of truth behind them. This is because the United States supports rebel groups that are fighting against the Assad Regime. Assad may not see these groups but instead as terrorist organizations, which they may be classified as to him. It would not surprise some world leaders to believe that the United States uses a ceasefire to allow them to re-support their rebel organizations. The focus by the Western Media on the civilian suffering is partially controlled by the information that the government give to them. It also help in what will get the media the most attention and dramatic image such as the little boy covered in his family’s blood will do exactly that. Though Assad’s claims are biased they do likely have a backing of partial facts, though we may not like to admit it.

  2. emilysgarland November 7, 2016 at 9:53 am

    I think that the term “terrorist” is very relative. The definition (the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims) does not limit who can be considered a terrorist or who determine if another actor is. To many civilians in Syria, particularly in eastern Aleppo, Assad’s actions fit the terrorist model. Because he is the head of state in Syria does not make him immune from these accusations.
    After the uprising in Syria began in 2011, arming and supporting rebel groups in Syria was considered synonymous with supporting liberty and democracy, a political/social movement that the US has been infamous for engaging in. The US offered humanitarian aid and equipment to the rebels, but the white house largely obtained a policy that kept the US uninvolved in the conflict. By 2014 the Obama administration requested funding from congress for a program that would train 15,000 rebel soldiers in Jordan and surrounding nations so they could return to Syria and fight. The program was largely a failure.
    There is gray area between rebel groups. US backed groups have been known to join forces to fight Assad, as well as to fight ISIL. For example, The Free Syrian Army, a rebel force that has received US support, has been known to join forces with Al-Nusra, an Al-Queda affiliate, in fighting Assad’s Syrian forces. The US is arguably involved through allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both of which have supported the toppling of the Assad regime. Turkey has fired on both the YPG and ISIL, as well as having run ins with Syrian forces on the border. Saudi Arabia has supported the toppling of the Assad regime through funding and support for extreme Sunni groups.
    The Western media’s focus on human suffering is not irrelevant, but in my opinion, I think it is justified, and should not be criticized. The US has been the largest donor of humanitarian aid to Syria, and if for no other reason, should be more involved for the sake of civilians.
    Assad does not seem to be a rational thinker, as he has seemingly no regard for the humanitarian crisis that his offensive has facilitated. Calling the US out for support of terrorist groups, or any group that goes against him, seems to be an effort to push his agenda and delegitimize forces working against him.

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