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African Nations Come in Support of ICC

With South Africa, Burundi, and Gambia all recently leaving the International Criminal Court, the international community began to worry that a trend could start among African nations. There have been accusations of the court having a biased against African nations due to the large amount of attention paid to the continent. To the outside world it is pretty clear that the attention was well deserved, perhaps less so in Africa. Image result for Africa ICCThere are those in Africa that believe they are being targeted by Western nations, and that they are not doing anything wrong. The ICC was created after the Rwandan genocide; aimed to prevent further atrocities from happening not only around the world, but in Africa where there are so many there are so many different tribes and ethnic groups. Seeing South Africa, Burundi, and Gambia leave the court causes major concerns. Luckily nations like the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, and many more have come out and said they have no intention of leaving the court. This is not just huge for the ICC itself, but mainly for the people in these countries that keep this level of deterrence from would be violations against them.


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