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Uganda’s Human Rights Under Review

a-policemen-fires-a-teargas-canister-in-front-of-opposition-leader-kizza-besigyes-office-in-kampala-uganda-february-19-2016The United Nations Human Rights Council will be reviewing the Uganda’s human rights record tomorrow on 11/3/2016. This will be a usual occurrence as a part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. The UPR which was set up in 2006 is a review process which each member state of the UN receives the ability to have their human rights record reviewed. In addition they can speak to what actions they have taken to improve human rights in their state. However in this case it is important to see what the response will be of Uganda. In 2011 the state agreed to a variety of changes that the UN Human Rights Council offered additionally offering to prosecute those violating human rights. However the state has seemed to be relatively ignorant of human right abuses as well as perpetrating some of them. In February of 2016 police were videotaped beating and teargassing people gathered to listen to opposition candidates. But the abuse has not ended there, reporters have been arrested blatantly on air for trying to report on opposition candidates. Contrast to their pledge to prosecute and punish perpetrators it can be seen that no action has been taken even since killings in 2009 and 2011 of protesters and bystanders. The state has reported this year that they have opened up human rights offices and made efforts but it seems they have remained idle. It will remain to be seen what impact the United Nations Human Rights Council will have when reviewing the Ugandan state tomorrow. The state has disregarded the UN Nations Human Rights Council and its recommendations before, only time will tell if real change will occur after this year’s review process.

Photo:A policemen fires a teargas canister in front of opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s office in Kampala, Uganda, February 19, 2016.
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One response to “Uganda’s Human Rights Under Review

  1. bethanyparisi November 3, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I find it interesting that the United Nations Human Rights Council does this. It is definitely a smart move on their part. The fact that they are going back and reviewing Uganda’s human rights records is amazing because this will show Uganda and other countries that they want improvement. I am interested in what they are going to do if they do not see a significant improvement. I do not think that they will put on a tribunal or anything like that, but they will have to do something if they want to be taken seriously. Hopefully they will press charges and show them the consequence of not following human rights laws.

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