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Syrian Ad Hoc?


For years now there have been calls for justice to be brought to Syria. Whether it is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad use of chemical weapons on his own people, war crimes committed by Russian Military forces, or anything done by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS); people must pay for the things they have done. There has certainly been no lack of international support for a trial, but there is no clear way to pull it off. Image result for syriaThe International Criminal Court (ICC) would take the case, but they have no jurisdiction in Syria. The ICC could have the case referred to them by the United Nations Security Council, consisting of the US, UK, France, Russia, and China, but there is no way that Russia would allow it. In allowing for a UNSC reference, Russia would be opening itself, and ally Syria up to war crimes. One potential option is an Ad Hoc trial like the ones used in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. The issues would be funding and finding an appropriate place to hold the trial. While Turkey would represent a local viable location, but there is no guarantee they would be open to it. Kurdistan could be another option in the region with enough stability to host the trial. Regardless of where a trial would be held, the West will likely have to do the majority of the funding.  They way have a while to raise money for it, because it doesn’t look like any sort of trial is imminent. 


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  1. coop4ol November 2, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Setting up an Ad Hoc tribunal is something that I feel is not necessary right now, but if things do not change in the future than it will become necessary. Ad Hoc tribunals are not great because they are extremely expensive and time consuming. If a tribunal was to be set up in Turkey or Kurdistan it will also be hard for the people of Syria to get the victors justice they deserve. At this moment in time an Ad Hoc tribunal will only cause problems for this case because the conflict is still very strong and it is still extremely dangerous in Syria. I believe the ICC or the UN needs to come up with a solution and try and implement something that will weaken the conflict. Once the conflict has died down and tensions are not so high then I believe an Ad Hoc tribunal should be set up. It is important that the international community is ready for this tribunal because it is going to cause a lot of controversy. Many high ranked officials both military and political will be investigated and some will even be prosecuted. It is important that the money and time dedicated to these tribunals is not wasted.

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