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Thousands of Rohingya Minorities in Burma Displaced

Human Rights Watch and France International News both released statements regarding the displacement of the minority group, Rohingya, in Burma. This forced displacement was spurred on by the deaths of nine police officers earlier in October. Some government officials believe that the armed attackers belonged to a Rohingya rebel group. Although journalists and humanitarians have not been allowed access to these areas, reports are estimating that 18,000 civilians have been displaced thus far, the majority of which are Rohingya. Many victims are claiming cases of forced removal, looting, burning, rape, and executions among the crimes being committed by the Burmese government.

Not only has the government denied access to journalists and humanitarians, but aid efforts as well. The displaced have limited resources and food available to them, and are in dire need of relief efforts.  According to the Human Rights Watch report, “Under the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, all authorities “shall grant and facilitate the free passage of humanitarian assistance and grant persons engaged in the provision of such assistance rapid and unimpeded access to the internally displaced.” Human rights groups are calling upon the Burmese government to provide aid for the displaced, or allow aid efforts to move freely.



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