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South Africa Withdraws from ICC

France International News released a report today stating that South Africa constructed their “Instrument of Withdrawal” to leave the International Criminal Court.  This event follows Burundi’s request for withdrawal just this week.  Warnings have been issued by the UN Human Rights council that Burundi has committed crimes against humanity, which may lead to genocide in the near future.  zuma-and-bashirSouth Africa’s government said that their withdrawal would be the last course of action following their refusal to arrest President al-Bashir of Sudan.  They failed to acknowledge their legal responsibility of arresting President al-Bashir after the ICC released a warrant for his arrest, instead assisting him in leaving their country back to the safety of Sudan.  President al-Bashir is guilty of crimes against humanity in the Darfur conflict.  South Africa has yet to formally submit their withdrawal to the UN Secretary General, but plan to submit it soon. Their withdrawal most likely falls in line with the African Union’s disagreement of the ICC wanting to prosecute state leaders.


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