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DR Congo’s Bemba found guilty of witness/evidence corruption

19th October 2016.


DR Congo’s former vice president, Jean-Pierre Bemba was recently found guilty of bribing witnesses and corrupting/falsifying evidences that were presented to him during his trial. Additionally, his lawyer Aime Kilolo; his legal case manager Jean-Jacques Mangenda; Congolese politician Fidele Babala and Narcisse Arido have also been found guilty for this. His lawyer, Kilolo bribed witnesses and forced them to give scripted confessions that would help Bemba’s case while Mangenda was found guilty of exchanging messages and and hide these plans. Additionally Babala was charged with handling the bribes and money transfers, etc and Arido forced witnessed to pose as soldiers by giving them fake military insignia. Not only is this the first corruption case in the Hague but the lawyers will be sentenced  and may even face up to five years in prison for this act. As of now it is unclear whether this will affect Bemba’s appeal to be released early as he is still serving time after being jailed last June for his crimes against humanity and war crimes.


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