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The Monsanto Tribunal


tribunal_logoOften termed the Dictator in the agricultural world, Monsanto, a transnational corporation based in the U.S is being put on trail by large groups like the Organic Consumers Association, Regeneration International, IFOAM International Organics, etc. along with many global food, farming and organic organisations. These organisations accuse the company for their crimes against humanity and ecocide by the Hague from the 14th-16th October (World Food Day.)


The Monsanto Tribunal was opened because of their impact on the environment as well as their effects on farmers. Although they claim to be a “sustainable agriculture company” they have highly changed agriculture in America and globally and the products of this have also led to many new biological defects and health concerns for their consumers due to their genetically modified traits and the chemicals used to produce them. The GMOs also give Monsanto power to control food production and supplies in countries which could be seen as a human right violation as the company is controlling food supplies of countries.


In developing countries like India, many farmers are fooled into buying GMOs from this company for high costs, causing many to take debts, etc. However, these seeds not only fail to produce crops and profit but have also caused a significant change in the quality of soil, declining biodiversity and even species extinction. These factors have also led to many suicide cases of farmers, who have purchased these GMOs and failed to reap the benefits of it. Monsanto has been one of the reasons for many suicide cases of farmers and this occupation has one of the highest suicide rates both in the US and in India.


This tribunal is different compared to others because usually most tribunals are held because of human atrocities and crimes and agricultural and environmental issues are not usually seen as crimes worth holding tribunals for. The tribunal will be held on the 16th of October and will be streamed online for the world to watch.


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