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President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs


President Duterte of the Philippines has continued his war on drugs by officially banning smoking cigarettes in all public locations or face a fine in violation. Now this doesn’t seem that bad, but Duterte has only been in office since June 30, 2016 and already over 3,500 people have been killed. This is because Duterte is waging war on both drug dealer and drug users. In September, Duterte gave a speck likening himself to Hitler, and saying “Hitler massacred three million Jews … there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them.” Duterte has been working out eliminate all drug dealers and user in the Philippines and has given his support to the civilian population to kill the addict and drug dealers themselves, with the promise they will not be prosecuted. Many have come out to criticize Duterte for his remarks, Ronald Lauder, the World Jewish Congress President and Phil Robertson who is the Asia deputy director for Human Rights Watch. Duterte is entering dangerous grounds,which could get him tried by the ICC, for a president just past his first 100 days.


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