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In Honor of Columbus Day?

One Word – Episode 25: Christopher Columbus (Native Americans)

Christopher Columbus, a name we have all heard and probably at one point were told to idolize him. We were taught that he discovered America, responsible for opening up the New World to Europe modernization. I found this video on my facebook feed and felt that it was relevant for the fact that even though it was 500 years ago, great atrocities were wrought upon the native population of the Americas, and Columbus got glory and impunity, even in the history books, for centuries. So why do we have a national holiday for a man that is responsible for the rape and mass murder hundreds, if not thousands, of Native American? Christopher Columbus began the immeasurably long trials of strife of Native Americans brought on by Europeans and American settlers. As said in the video, the scars of pain and suffering caused by Columbus are still felt today in the Native American Community. So in this age of strict political correctness, why do we have a national holiday to celebrate a man who got lost at sea and began the genocide of Native Americans?


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