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The War in Sudan is Alive and Well

Just recently, Amnesty International released their annual report, shining a light on the continued violence in Darfur. Of late, the Sudan government has been accused of using chemical weapons against civilians. Despite definitive evidence, Sudanese UN Ambassador Omer Dahab Fadl Mohamed asserts the claims are “utterly unfounded”. Sudan joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1999, agreeing to never use toxic arms, and yet, 250 people have succumbed to symptoms including respiratory distress, hematemesis, and blistering skin lesions caused by the clear presence of “poisonous smoke”. Expert accounts have revealed the likely culprit to be some form of mustard gas, most commonly known for its use during the first World War. Though there have been survivors of such brutality, no one was left unscathed.


One response to “The War in Sudan is Alive and Well

  1. jgich October 2, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    The fact that a member of the Chemical Weapons Convention has been accused of using chemical weapons show us that the only way to control their use is by either banning them and take them out of circulation. But Sudan is not the only country that is part of the convention and has used chemical weapons, the most recent example of it can be found in the Syrian civil war.

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