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Army Atrocities and Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

2365px-balochistan_in_pakistan_claims_hatched-svgBalochistan has been a struggling province in Pakistan that has been in a state of war for the past few decades as they are trying to break free from Pakistan. Not only is this region culturally different but the Balochs have also faced repeated history of injustice and suppression from the majority population in Pakistan. The main conflict is with the Pakistani government funding violence against the Baloch nationalist party, however over the last few years there have been countless cases of human rights violations and atrocities performed by the Pakistani government against the civilians.


There have been many accounts and reports of bomb blasts and secret killings of civilians (who may or may not have been part of the opposing party.) Additionally, many of the resources and aid is restricted in the area. Despite aid, support and pressure to the Pakistani government to stop this from foreign countries like Iraq and India, the conflict has failed to improve.


Recently, the UN has started talks on trying to improve this through the use of economic sanctions on Pakistan. This could help the Blochi improve the situation because for a developing economy like Pakistan it is important for them to be in good terms with the global economy.


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