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Crimes Against Humanity in Burundi

France International News released an article explaining that Burundi has committed crimes against humanity, and could potentially result in genocide in the near future. President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi is going to be seeking a third term in office, which is the main reason for the recent increase in violence. Experts authorized by the UN human rights office have been examining the crimes being committed in Burundi that are mainly done by state officials protecting the current regime. The crimes committed include the torture, killing, sexual abuse, and disappearance of thousands.  A major concern of the experts, is that this increasing violence will escalate to an ethnic war due to the history of Burundi and its surrounding nations.  International intervention and aid is being called upon in order to prevent another mass genocide. 


The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) is warning the international community that surrounding states are struggling to appropriately accept the some 300,000 refugees that have fled from Burundi. The surrounding countries need aid in providing proper shelter, education, and health care for the refugees, many of which are children and women.  The count of 300,000 refugees has just recently been surpassed and will continue to rise if nothing is done to resolve the tension in Burundi. The UN Human Rights Council, which Burundi serves on, is questioning whether or not Burundi should remain an active member. 



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