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Refugees to Detroit?

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Considering the large number of refugees that are coming from Syria, the worlds biggest power, the United States, should be doing something to help. But what it the question? Where do we put them? Back in February former President Bill Clinton sat down with the Kurdish founder of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya. In this conversation Clinton mentioned an interesting idea, take Syrian refugees and put them into the 10,000 homes available in Detroit. Without getting too political, this seems like a good idea on the outside. It sounds like a nice solution for some of the refugees out there waiting for someplace to go. But I just don’t see how something this large scale will work out. We have seen in countries like German and France how having large number of refugees in one area has led to quite a bit of crime. Now all refugees obviously not all refugees are going to go around committing crimes, that’s ridiculous. Still I like John Layfield’s, otherwise known as pro wrestler JBL, idea of trying to fill some of these homes with some of the countless homeless veterans that we have in this country. We can find better places to work in refugees than just dropping 10,000 of them into one city. If you want to fill 10,000 homes, most of them should be from those already in this country that need help. Whatever your opinion may be and whichever side you agree with, this is a very interesting idea.

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