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War Crimes in Syria

The civil war in Syria that is still going on today has created many problems in the country including a countless number of war crimes that have been committed. The government is to blame for a lot of these war crimes. They deliberately target innocent civilians and they use illegal weapons to do so. They specifically drop bombs called cluster bombs. These bombs are devastating as they release a number of tiny projectiles that go all over the place. The government cannot possibly say that they were only targeting soldiers because they have no control over what these projectiles hit. War crimes are also being committed by the people of Syria who are fighting against the government. The most well known war crime that they are committing is the killings of soldiers who they have in custody. It is an international law that you are not allowed to unlawfully execute enemy soldiers who are in your custody as your prisoners. These Syrian rebels  have also been accused of treating captured government officials very poorly. These war crimes are a serious problem as they put the lives of so many innocent civilians in jeopardy.


2 responses to “War Crimes in Syria

  1. Simrin Tamhane September 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    War crimes in Syria have been committed not only by the rebels in the country but also by the government themselves. Not only has there been repeated use of chemical weapons, torture and killings of the civilians by the Assad government but most of these crimes are not accounted for which makes this a huge violation of human rights. Because the country is in a state of war, it is often difficult to point out these war crimes and try to bring about justice. To bring justice for all the lives lost, there are many secret organisations and people who are collecting evidences and documents against the Assad regime everyday.

    One of these is the Commission for International Justice and Accountability which has been functioning since 2012 led by Chris Engels, an American Lawyer. In just the past 4 years, the organisation has smuggled more than “six hundred thousand documents” out of Syria. These documents are then examined by experts who then create reports and store them for the future, if Assad is ever called onto the ICC once the Syrian war is over. The work of these organisations are highly risky and their courage and effort surely needs to be appreciated more.

  2. fmb10 September 23, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    One of the many war crimes that have been committed in Syria is the use of child soldiers by ISIS. While the use of child soldiers is not uncommon or new in the field of war, groups do not usually boast about it as ISIS has. On many accounts ISIS has taken to bragging about their youth following. As of August it was estimated that over 1,200 children had been trained and mobilized over the course of the past two years. The terrorist group as been so successful in their recruitment of young soldiers due to their effective outreach strategies which include approaching full families. The families are then asked to come and be taken care of in exchange for their child’s enlistment.

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