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Syrian War and its Impact on Human Trafficking

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We have seen plenty of coverage about the ongoing situation in Syria. After all there is fighting going on between President al-Asaad and Syrian government, rebel groups, and the terrorist group ISIS. There is also intervention with outside nations like the United States and Russia. On top of all this there is the believed use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government on its people. This isn’t the violation of human rights I want to discuss. I want to talk about the mass displacement of Syrian refugees, and how many of them are getting caught up in the human trafficking world. This is largely due to the number of refugees that have nowhere to go and no way to make money. They end up in the hands of groups who take complete advantage of them, and violate the rights all people deserve. Since this crisis started we have also seen an increase in the slavery market. Terror groups ISIS and Boko Haram can be blamed for this as they have taken many prisoners and turned them into working and sex slaves, including many children. They are selling them off and making a large profit on this increasing market. This is a scary thought, and something serious needs to be done. (including image)


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