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Genocide in Ukraine

In the 1930s, Ukraine was in a major famine caused by russia. It was caused because Ukraine wanted their independence and they tried to get it in starting in 1917. When they lost the civil war, Ukraine was owned by different countries in europe. The Soviet Union started to take large amounts of their grain, which was how they made their money and got their food. This led to a famine, where according to The history place, then led to 7 million deaths. To me this should be considered genocide because Russia unreasonably took all of the citizens supply, thus targeting citizens.There has not been much done to hold Russia accountable or to give Ukraine the justice they deserve.


One response to “Genocide in Ukraine

  1. addisonc42 September 16, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    This is in response to this post about Ukraine and the famine that led to the deaths of 7 million citizens. The famine which was man made occurred in Ukraine under the supervision of the Russians. And although not as obvious as a government going out and killing its citizens with guns it had the seemingly same intention of killing Ukrainians. However this type of killing was indiscriminate as supplies and food were not given or taken specifically from a group of people rather they were all together taken away from a geographic area. The question I pose is that even though it may be not unreasonable to assume that the Ukrainian people were the real targets in a criminal court would it be seen as such? Is it possible to commit genocide against a state? Or a part of a state? Since populations are transit and especially in the case of Ukraine where it shared open borders with the Soviet Union, it would be almost impossible to target specifically who would be affected and die from such a famine. And so how broad or narrow can a mass killing be before it is considered a mass killing or genocide?

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