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Cluster Munition Coalition Convenes for 6th Annual Meeting

On September 7th, the 6th annual meeting of the Cluster Munition Coalition convened in Geneva.  Human Rights Watchcmc-syria-graphics2, a co- founder of the international Cluster Munition Coalition published a report on the convention the following day. The 55 states in attendance condemned the use of cluster munition in Syria. Reports of at least eight cluster munition attacks came out during the three day time period in which the meeting was held. Civilians, including children, were victims of the attacks.

The 55 states in attendance devised  a declaration that would “condemn the use (of cluster munition) by any actor.” The 119 states have signed the treaty, and 100 have ratified it. The United States is not one of them. During the three day convention, President Obama visited Laos. He announced that the US would supply $90 million to assist in clearance efforts of cluster munition in Laos over the next three years. On August 30th the last US producer of cluster munitions, Texron Systems, ended its production of the weapons. Although the president did not confirm the end of US production and storing of cluster munitions, this decision “clears the path” for the US to halt further engagements with the weapon.

The Cluster Munition Conventions on September 5th “outlined key elements” for any legislation regarding the treaty. Although only 27 states have succeeded in “national implementation measures, including legislation, to carry out provisions of the treaty”, other advancements, including the US’s commitment to Laos, exemplify the growing influence of the Cluster Munition Coalition.


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