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Violence in Burundi in Response to Nkurunzia 3rd Term

Riots have been raging in Bujumbura for the past 3 days in response to the threat of President Nkurunzia having a third term of Presidency. The public riots have been met with barricades, military force, and active prevention to prevent people from organizing in opposition to the president. BBC reports that private radio stations phone lines have been disabled in order to prevent word of the rebellions from spreading throughout the country. President Nkurunzia is a former war lord and his lack of respect for the government, excessive use of force on his own citizens, and addiction to power despite  negative reactions from the people he governs clearly demonstrates that his war lord mindset and behavior is still relevant. Out of fear of Nkurunzia extending his political control 24,000 people have fled the country, including 5,000 in just the past weekend. It will be interesting to see if Nkurunzias regime will go unchecked by the international community or if the domestic riots will persuade him to give up his power as he should.



One response to “Violence in Burundi in Response to Nkurunzia 3rd Term

  1. lsundstr May 1, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    Amid the heightened political tension unfolding in Burundi this week, the United Nations has reported that more than 26,000 Burundians have escaped the country and fled to neighboring Rwanda, in an effort to escape the violent riots that are continuing now for a sixth day. As the government has turned to coercive methods in an effort to stop the government opposition movement, such as the use of live ammunition against protesting civilians, the United Nations has also reported the arrest of already more than 400 people who have been subsequently beaten and tortured in Burundi detainment centers. President Nkurunziza also responded by closing the State’s University of Burundi this past Wednesday due to “security fears”, forcing more than 600 students to seek refuge at the United States Embassy in Bujumbura. While the government has shown no sign of giving in to the protesters grievances, demonstrators have similarly vowed to continue in their struggle against President Nkurunziza until he “abandons his ambition to run for a third term”. The Burundi Presidential elections are to be held next month, on June 26, 2015.


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