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Riots in Durban create fear for South African Immigrants

For years, South Africa has had issues with attacks against migrants from other countries, in particular those who are shop/business owners. Because high unemployment has continued to be a problem, locals in several South African towns have accused the immigrants of “stealing jobs and undercutting small businesses owned by South Africans”. In 2008, South Africa experienced mob riots as “scores of immigrants were killed in attacks in the poorest areas of Johannesburg”.

Over the past week, tensions over the struggling economy have resulted in more riots in the town of Durban, as mobs of local residents with machetes have attacked immigrant-operated businesses, leaving at least 5 dead (2 immigrants and 3 South Africans). In response, heavily armed police have acted quickly to stop the violence. According to the Gift of the Givers Charity that is helping with aid, about 8,500 people have fled to refuge centers or police stations this week, in fear of future attack. While the violence has not yet spread to Johannesburg, charity members have prepared essential supplies on standby incase it become necessary.


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