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Remembering Auschwitz

This article discuss the preservation of the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which strives to keep the authenticity of the place where 1.3 million people were taken between the years of 1940-1945. The conservation team works to preserve the various items from the Holocaust victims, in order to make a statement to the Nazi who created the camp that this time and all the atrocities that were committed will last and will be remembered. They group works to preserve documents, hair, suitcases, eyeglasses, poison pellets, pots pans, hairbrushes and toothbrushes and clothing.

The memorial and commemoration process is becoming more and more important because within the next 20 years there will be no Auschwitz survivors living. Recently though, there has been some controversy regarding the preservation and restoration process as people are not convinced that “conservation and restoration are necessary for having a good memorial.” Yet, the commemorative and restorative process is very personal for others. For one of the eyeglass conservationists, at first he said they all looked the same. But when he really started to examine them individually, the glasses started having identities and he felt the individual in each. These are the true reason for memorials, so that people can personally remember individuals and their stories, and take a moment to imagine what their life was like in that time and place.


A Picture of All the Children’s Shoes


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