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Conflict in Yemen Escalates

_82183305_82183118Adding on to the jail break in Yemen that Claire posted on last week–the violence in Yemen is beginning to escalate even more.    In recent developments, the country threatens to plummet into civil war with recent fighting escalating in the southern Yemeni city of Aden. The fight is between forces loyal to the President Hadi and those loyal to Zaidi Shia rebels called Houthis. The violence broke out in January after President Hadi was placed under house arrest by the Houthis and was able to flee the capital of Sanaa to escape to the new de facto capital of Aden. Since the fleeing of President Hadi, there is a power vacuum in the country which has resulted in rebel forces declaring that parliament will be dissolved and that there will be a new presidential council and interim assembly. To make matters more complicated, a branch of al-Qaeda located in the Arabian Peninsula called AQAP opposes both President Hadi and Houthi forces. As fresh fighting breaks out in Yemen in Aden, the world health organization claims that at least 560 people (which incudes 76 children) have been killed in Yemen in the span of three weeks, 1,700 people have been wounded, and 100,000 have fled their homes.

The international community is taking notice of the instability in Yemen—especially with Western intelligence considering AQAP as the most dangerous branch of al-Qaeda. The US has been carrying out drone strikes against AQAP with the support of President Hadi, however Houthis successful advances have made the situation more dangerous. As citizens in Yemen get caught in the crossfire, questions of how to achieve transitional peace and eventual justice need to be apart of the conversation; especially as the rebel forces gain power and continue the march south.


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