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Amnesty International declares Hamas committed war crimes during Gaza War

In a report released Thursday, Amnesty International stated claims to war crimes committed by Hamas during the Gaza War. The focus of these claims is centered around the violence against Israeli and Palestinians through the use of indiscriminate projectiles. In their press release, Amnesty International declares, “Palestinian armed groups displayed a flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians.” Due to the nature of the indiscriminate projectiles, many of the rockets launched during the Gaza War did not accurately reach their targets and thus, many civilians, both Israeli and Palestinian, were injured and killed.

Although there were killings on both sides of the conflict throughout the entire war due to these rockets, the Palestinian government has tried to lay blame on the Israeli military for these acts of indiscriminate projectile use. Despite these claims, however, Amnesty International’s investigations led to a resounding conclusion that these projectiles were used by both parties in the war. Furthermore, Amnesty International is looking to hold Palestinian conflict groups accountable for other humanitarian law violations including storing supplies and weapons in UN schools and inciting conflict and attacks in civilian-dominated spaces.

In an effort to improve the current political and civilian situations in both Palestine and Israel post-conflict, Amnesty International is calling for both nations to begin cooperating more freely with the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. Despite similar encouragements in the past and now with this newly released report, both Hamas and the Israeli government have not actively responded nor engaged in meaningful dialogue for resolution with neither the United Nations or the International Criminal Court.


One response to “Amnesty International declares Hamas committed war crimes during Gaza War

  1. ckeefe2016 March 29, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    In a statement released by Amnesty International two days ago, an investigation concerning the Gaza conflict has concluded that both sides are guilty of committing war crimes against opposing civilian populations. Palestinian officials have initially accused the Israeli side of being guilty of war crimes, but further investigation has uncovered that the Palestinians were perpetrators of the same unlawful acts. With Palestine’s intent to join the ICC, it will be interesting to see whether they are willing to cooperate with any further ICC investigations that should lead to indictments for some government or Hamas officials.
    A second thing to look at is how the United States reacts to this press release by Amnesty International. Following Palestine’s announcement indicating their desire to join the ICC, there have been informal threats by U.S. senators to cut aid funding to Palestine in an attempt to block their attempts at ICC membership. Because the U.S. Government doesn’t recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, U.S. officials argue that Palestine does not qualify for ICC membership. The release of this statement by Amnesty International could affect how the U.S. views Palestine’s ICC bid, as indictments against Palestinian officials could be a positive step towards resolving conflict in the Gaza area.

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