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Australia’s Appeals to Indonesia Over Death Row Pair

The Bali 9 was a drug smuggling operation with Australian citizens attempting to smuggle 18lbs of heroin from Indonesia to Australia. These 9 individuals were caught before returning to Australia and a majority were sentenced to life in prison, while their 2 leaders have received the death penalty. As Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, seeks clemency for leaders Chan and Sukumaran it is highly unlikely that the Indonesian government will grant this request.

As we continue to learn about leaders such as Akayesu from Rwanda, Charles Taylor of Sierra Leone, Duch of Cambodia, Bagasora- Head of Defense for Rwanda and Kambanda-Former Prime Minister of Rwanda and the consequences of their actions, it seems as though the sentences drug dealers Chan and Sukumaran face are rather unjust. It’s bizzare to think that heads of states and high officials responsible for the execution of thousands of lives through the atrocious acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes face the possibility of life in prison and occasionally few are sentenced to life in prison meanwhile the victims of the Bali 9 drug deal are facing life in prison and even the death sentence. How can there be such a disparity within international justice?


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