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On creating new states and/or new governments

This short blog post by Elliot Abrams for the Council on Foreign Relations provides a short opinion on the growing lack of concern of the United States for the corruption of the Palestinian Authority, of which Abrams quotes multiple examples, such as cases of torture and ill treatment and the erroneous conduction of basic law practices, while Kerry continues to advocate for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Abrams ended his blog post with the question “What kind of Palestine is it that the United States is seeking to create?,” which brought to mind the agency that big players in transitional and international justice can have in creating new states.  For example, international justice has often entered into conflict situations perpetrated by dictators and attempted to establish democracies in their stead.  In this case though, since Abrams is arguing that the United States is simply ignoring the issues of Palestinian corruption, it’s a little worrying that US state officials are both arguing for the creation of a Palestinian state and giving no heed to the problems that are occurring even in the peace process stage.


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