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Who should remove Assad?

An article was published in the Financial Time news titled: The West must intervene to remove Assad. The article is mainly saying that the U.S and its allies should employed air power to expedite a satisfactory end to civil wars like it id before In Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya. Moreover, A decision by western governments to launch such an action will, however, need to pass three tests. First, is such an intervention morally and legally justified? Second, is it militarily and politically feasible? Third, would it significantly advance an acceptable resolution to the conflict?
Are the above questions sufficient to remove Assad? Is really about the western axis and its allies? the military intervention approach in Syria would make the situation worse because both China and Russia will veto any resolution that conflict with their interests.
So Who should remove Assad? The removal decision in my perspective should be done based on consensus and should involve local, regional and international actors such as, the Syrian opposition, the Arab , European and American axis and the Iranian, Chinese and the Russian axis.


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