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Rebels Withdrawing from Mashake in DRC

The news that the M23 rebel group is withdrawing from Mashake, part of the area they’ve been holding since last week, was just released:

The article states that “‘M23 themselves are saying they want a demilitarised zone around Goma. They’re very concerned that people who’ve been working with them in the city will be targeted once they leave, if the Congolese army comes in.'”

However, they are refusing to withdraw from Goma until they’re satisfied with the terms of the agreement with the DRC government. The withdrawal deal that is underway is supposed to contain terms for a neutral zone around Goma, decide who will have control of the Goma airport, and “how to set up a proposed international neutral force for DR Congo”.

It will be interesting to see if these terms are enough to satisfy M23 and enough to prevent retaliation from the Congolese army in the areas previously occupied by M23.


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