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Rwanda-Congo deja vu?

After discussing the M23 rebel group and the growing conflicts in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I was curious as to how this conflict was being covered in the main stream news. Today, the Huffington Post published an article titled “Rwanda-Congo deja vu” which highlighted the conflict as an extreme threat to Rwanda, as well as the DRC. The article paints a picture of a conflict fueled by Rwanda’s quest for land and resources that is shaping up to be be similar to conflicts the country has faced in the past. Written with a strong point of view that Rwanda is aiding the M23 rebel group, the article also hints at the negative findings that will be revealed in a document that the U.N. is set to release on Friday.

In line with today’s class discussion centered around themes discussed in the movie, I found it very interesting to find multiple comparisons to the past situations and crime in this article. Much like view in the movie, this article seems to “hold” Rwanda’s past over the current situation. The article seems very quick to accuse Rwanda of wrong-doing by partly using the reasoning of past situations. No matter the outcome, it will be very interesting to read the U.N. group of experts’ report on Friday and  observe the security council’s actions. Especially with Rwanda’s seat on the council. An article published in The Atlantic further detailed the influence Rwanda’s seat could have moving forward explaining, “with a Security Council seat, the Rwandan government will have direct influence over the bodies empowered to investigate and sanction countries and individuals who stoke conflict in the DRC.” It seems as if Rwanda’s “pr machine” as referenced in lecture might be fueled for a long time to come.


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