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International Perspectives on the U.S. Election

Global Views on the U.S. Election

With election night drawing closer by the hour, it is interesting to take a minute to pause and step back from the US perspective on the election, and consider this election through the eyes of the international community. The New York Times posted a video entitled “Global Views on the Election” which present the views and opinions of individuals from outside of the US concerning their interpretation of the Obama administration thus far and their evaluation of Governor Romney’s proposed policies. 

The participants in the video talk candidly of whether or not they felt that President Obama was a felt presence in their own state governments and how they predict the potential nomination of Governor Romney could impact their countries’ politics. It is therefore interesting to consider how the actions of our President and the policies recommended by Governor Romney are interpreted on the international scale and just how representative the role of President of the United States is to the rest of the world. For me, it really put this election into the perspective.  When considering the greater framework of the world of international politics, it is interesting to understand how the United States is perceived by others, especially when considering, at least myself personally, am most definitely not up to date on government elections in many other nations around the world. This video, for me, was the reminder that this election does not just effect Americans, but will also potentially impact the lives of individuals around the world. 


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