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Libya Wants to keep Ghadafi’s Son

Libya Wants to Keep Ghadafi’s Son

This Tuesday the Libyan government challenged the ICC’s right to try Ghadafi’s son for his war crimes, because they feel that he should be dealt with by the Libyan government. While the ICC challenges this, Libya has asked that they give Ghadafi’s son back to them. For the time being, the ICC has no real control since Ghadafi’s son was captured by rebel groups last year. The ICC also doesn’t have police forces or other way of enforcing their rulings, their only option is to appeal to the U.N. The ICC can only try cases when the country is unable to or unwilling to do so itself. The judges must be in accordance with the ICC, and prove that Ghadafi’s son will be tried fairly for his war crimes. On the contrary, Human Rights Watch has begun to also express that he will not be given a fair trial, because the government lacks control in certain areas. But, the Libyan government has reached out to the U.N. in training judges, much of the evidence ICC that Ocampo has gathered has been based on the help of Libyan prosecutors thus far. I think it is important that the ICC monitors and works together with the Libyan judges to ensure that there is a fair trial because in this situation the ICC is not a last resort and the country is still fit to try him themselves.


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