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Troops loyal to ex-rebel leader Ntaganda take over towns in Congo

Thousands of people are fleeing from their towns in Congo in order to avoid the “Terminator” take over. The “Terminator”, a rebel troop in support of the ex-rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes is taking over Congo towns one by one. In the fight the  government troops were pushed out of towns of Mukashe and Rubaya by the rebel group. Report say that the rebel group contains between 400 to 500 soldiers that deserted their Congolese army base earlier this month.  Ntaganda was the former chief military operations for the Congolese UCP  rebels but current President Kabila refused to arrest him because he believes that it would disturb the DR Congo peace. Kabila called for his arrest earlier this month but he says he will not turn him over to the International Criminal Court.


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