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Hello everyone, as one of my final contributions to this blog I would like to show you all an extremely interesting resource of journalism on some of the worlds most bizarre and undocumented topics. VICE is a production company devoted to documenting strange and decadent human activities around the world, but they do produce many politically relevant documentaries such as the Mecca Diaries, Inside Sudan, Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, and the series VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL, in which some of the VICE founders visit such isolated and war torn regions as North Korea, Congo, Belfast, Darfur, and Liberia. I first discovered the channel while researching the Liberian warlord known as “General Butt Naked”, who was featured in one of the less popular posts from this blog. I have since watched at least half a dozen full length VICE documentaries purely out of interest. I would like to make an emphatic, albiet late, recommendation that anyone who is interested in regional conflicts, world cultures, and human anomalies look into their website and/or youtube channel. They provide an surreally raw, and at times humorous, perspective on dozens of topics. Really a shining example of alternative anthropology, dedicated journalism, and the fruits of rapidly progressing technology and media.

please DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and view one when you have the time. Preview – Guide to Travel  Guide to Liberia- This RAW and EXHILERATING documentary features interviews with several ex Liberian warlords, a trip to the worst slums of West Point, Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. A deeper look into the history of Liberia and pre and post Charles Taylor conditions. A revelation into the travesties which have occured, and the horrific conditions that persist in this war torn nation, which is a rare point of even political discussions. This documentary in particular features strong images and footage, but nothing much worse than what we see in class. GUIDE TO TRAVEL


I recommend: “Inside Darfur”, “Inside North Korea”, “Guide to Belfast”, “Guide to North Korea”, “Guide to Liberia”, “Gun Markets of Pakistan”. Less relevant but still interesting; “The Most Dangerous Drug in the World” which reveals a rare and hypnotic drug known locally as Columbian Devils’ Breath.


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