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A Former Liberian (ed.) Warlord Responds to the Charles Taylor Conviction

Immediately after the verdict was decided, reporter from aforementioned VICE productions phoned his friend and contact in Uganda, Joshua Milton Blahyi, ex-warlord General Butt Naked. The ex-child soldier, tribal warlord, and repentant war criminal shed some light on how some Liberians view the ICC trial and Charles Taylor verdict. You can read the article for yourselves but here are some important excerpts.

Joshua Milton Blahyi, ex-General Butt Naked.

VICE: Hello Joshua, how are you doing? I wanted to ask you what you thought about Charles Taylor going to jail today. Joshua Milton Blahyi: What I thought is we are in a different world. I’m in Africa and where he was tried is a totally different culture.

How do you mean? My main feelings on the trial was being upset at the amount of money that was spent on it all. And how when I see all the people who are STILL suffering from the actions of Mr. Taylor, I think they could have benefited from that money.

Maybe they didn’t need to fly Naomi Campbell in to the trial first class to give a pretty worthless testimony about a party with Quincey Jones at Nelson Mandela’s house. I would say that this trial is totally irrelevant to our community and society. We already knew that Charles Taylor was wrong and guilty, the whole world does, so all that money that was spent on him? We should use it on the people who were affected by his acts.

All these trials and formalities are part of the sad system of a world that is very far removed from the life we are living here in Liberia.

I believe the case of Joshua Blahyi presents some very interesting inside information into child soldiering and rehabilitation. His opinion on this trial presents some of the criticisms to punitive justice in the international community.


2 responses to “A Former Liberian (ed.) Warlord Responds to the Charles Taylor Conviction

  1. UGEmbassyUS (@UGEmbassyUS_DC) May 1, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Joshua Blahyi AKA General Butt Naked is not a Ugandan warlord, he is Liberian and I know him personally having interviewed him during the Reconciliation missions I had in Liberia and we maintained contact. The impression this article paints is that Josua Milton Blahyi is the Ugandan warlord being reported.
    Justice is costly and there is no other short cut to have justice not only done but seen to have been done. My good friend Joshua should appreciate this. The impact that Charles Taylor’s vadic leaves on living victims of war crime is huge. I believe it can facilitate the healing process and act as a catalist to recovery and reconciliation. Dickson. O.O.

  2. nchapin May 2, 2012 at 11:35 am

    My apologies. Writing in haste, I mistakenly reported that the former General Butt Naked was a Ugandan warlord, when he is indeed Liberian. This was a thoughtless mistake which I fully acknowledge was due to my carelessness. I do not want to appear ignorant in regards to Blahyi, as he has been a great interest of mine for some months. I apologize to all whom this misrepresentation may have offended. My last intent was to misinform.

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