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The Mali situation

The ICC warned Mali that it may look into crimes of killing, abduction, rape, and the conscription of child soldiers. The conflict in Mali arose when one group declared a Taureg homeland would be created in the northern part of the nation. The conscription of child soldiers is a clear case of crimes against humanity, and is one of the more frequently prosecuted offenses at the ICC. This could be the reason that the Mali situation has grabbed the ICC’s attention, even when their situation looks to be more like a civil war. Civil Wars not fall under the purview of the ICC. Coup leaders, though, have said openly that the opposing force they are trying to defeat is an ethnic force. They don’t claim to see the Tauregs as being separate from their ethnicity. Mali’s previous government signed the Rome Statue in 2000, and the ICC does have jurisdiction.

(The UN has not mentioned which of the factions in Mali would be investigated for crimes against humanity)


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