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Sudan “State of War”

As we have talked about in class, Sudan was divided into north and south last summer.  Troops from the South took over Heglig, a city high in oil production.  Heglig is a border city between the North and South, so as can be expected, problems are arising.  Today, the government we all know and “love” from Khartoum decided to declare a State of War until Southern Sudanese troops let go of Heglig.

General Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein is also suggesting that South Sudan is trying to overthrow the government by giving a rebel group from Darfur funds.  They even went as far as filing a complaint about South Sudan to the United Nations who responded by saying that hostilities need to end before more deaths occur.

Let’s not forget that both sides have accused the other of committing atrocities, Sudan is charged with attacking unarmed civilians, and South Sudan is charged with setting up arms on its border with the north.


2 responses to “Sudan “State of War”

  1. aboampon April 13, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    This is definitely a sad situation that is only adding the tension already seen in this region of Africa. I don’t really see how this situation can end with any other outcome besides war. It seems that both sides feel they have a valid claim to the city of Heglig. In my opinion, it seems almost pointless that all the United Nations can do is declare that “hostilities need to end before more deaths occur.” This seems obvious, and somewhat weak in my opinion. I do not know much about the situation, but I wonder if the ICC can look into this situation. I understand that South Sudan has not signed the Rome Statute, so the State of South Sudan is not under the ICC’s jurisdiction. But if one side has been funding a Darfur rebel group could the UN or the ICC step in and take a more definitive type of action to stop violence? This last suggestion definitely seems like a long shot. I do not think this situation will be resolved by any means until violence is escalated and thus more attention is called to it.

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