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Remembering and Commemorating Bosnia and Rwanda

Photo (C) Alana Tiemessen

Today, April 7th, Rwanda begins a commemoration period of the 18th anniversary of the genocide.  This time also marks the 20th anniversary of the Bosnian war that began with the siege of Sarajevo. Both episodes of violence resulted in high death tolls, displacement, and extreme vicitimization. Both societies also continue to struggle with the past by seeking justice and reconciliation.

I want to draw your attention to two pieces. The first is an article by Susan Thomson on The Lasting Legacies of Rwanda’s Genocide. We’ll be discussing the Gacaca courts in class this week and you’ll see how the post-genocide political environment has affected justice and reconciliation.

Also, take a look at Twenty Years On, Bosnia Struggles to Reckon with the Past by Refik Hodzic at the ICTJ. The podcast address some of the political obstacles to justice for Bosnia.

These commemorative periods in Rwanda and Bosnia are a time to remember the victims and also an opportunity to call attention to ongoing struggle with human rights in both countries.


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