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Nelson Mandela Digital Archive up and running

Not sure if any of you have heard of this but I found out about it today while scrolling the news. Nelson Mandela, a champion of human rights and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, started the Nelson Mandel Centre for Memory in efforts to carry on his work after his retirement. This program helped launch the Nelson Mandela digital archive of which Google had a large part in making such a feat possible. It donated $1.25 Million to the project in hopes that its resources may help encourage future pushes for social justice. Within the archive some of the earliest known photos of Mandela exist as well as the warrant for committal form issued to Mandela in 1962. Could this type of massive push for making such archives easily accessible be another form of justice? Early it was posted on the right to the truth and whether or not that existed, could these types of websites and archives be a possible path to making such truths not only accesible to victims but to the world as well as serving as an encouragement for future generations to consistently push for justice? Interesting food for thought to say the least. 


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