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Libyan Intelligence Chief Captured

During the Libya Conflict, the ICC issued three arrest warrants for the various crimes committed against civilians.  Gaddafi and his son, Saif, had warrants issued for their arrest.  We all know what happened to Gaddafi, and Saif Gaddafi was caputured late last year.  Earlier this week the last of the three was finally apprehended.  THe former intelligence chief Abdullah Al-Senoussi, who is also Gaddafi’s brother in law, was arrested in Mauritania.

The article in the Washington Post mentioned that there are three parties interested in prosecuting Al-Senoussi: France, Libya, and the ICC.  However there is a slight obstacle that may make it difficult for the ICC to get ahold of him; Mauritania is not a member of the ICC and has no mandate to turn him over to the Court.  The next question is who will prosecute then?  The group Amnesty International is petitioning that he be handed over to the ICC because they claim that Libya has a weak court system.  There is also a chance that the Libyan courts will not grant him a fair trial, and if convicted he will likely be executed.


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