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Deterrence a Possibility?

This video highlights possible peace deals between the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and military warlord “Cobra” Matata. This group is now requesting amnesty as well as the promise to keep their weapons and military ranks when or if they join the DRC military. In the wake of the ICC’s verdict finding Thomas Lubanga guilty of using child soldiers, many military leaders are now worried and looking to avoid possible punishment in the future.

The group is also threatening a return to violence if they are not granted amnesty.

We have often discussed whether or not the ICC is legitimate and if it does indeed have the ability to deter future possible war criminals from committing heinous acts. Here we can see that this deterrence is indeed possible as a fear has been stricken within the warlords of areas like the DRC and that could be argued as the first step to deterring future crimes from occuring. Without the fear of consequence, those who commit war crimes do so without hesitation but with the ICC handing down its guilty verdict against Lubanga this past Wednesday, the court has gained legitimacy in its ability to accuse, try, and prosecute individuals who commit crimes agains the international community. Could this Lubanga verdict be the first step in establishing a more powerful and effective International Court?


One response to “Deterrence a Possibility?

  1. Alana Tiemessen March 16, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    I hadn’t heard of this case – thanks for posting the article. The end of the Lubanga case does allow for more attention to the various warlords in the DRC that are also operating with impunity.

    p.s. you need to add a title to your post!

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