International Justice

CJ354 Endicott College

Reconciliation in Libya

Our class has discussed Reconciliation as a way to bring justice to victims of destructive conflicts.  After the events in Libya, there was a question about how justice would be served in the post-Gaddafi era.  This article from The Tripoli Posts reports on the efforts to make sure that there is a smooth transition to democracy, and that a reconciliation process will occur among Libyans.

The article mentioned that there are many different tribes of people in Libya, something that I had previously unaware of.  Part of the Reconciliation commission’s directive is to help move people back to their homes; many had been displaced during the conflict.  The article suggests that there is perhaps some tension among the different Libyans, possibly having to do with how they were affected by the conflict.  The commission has backing from the UN and seems like it is in a good position to assist the new Libyan government.


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