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28-year jail term for Vojislav Seselj–ICTY

Having voluntarily surrendered in 2003 Vojislav Seselj is charged with murder, torture, sexual assault, forced transportation and destruction of property. Today it was announced that prosecutors were seeking a 28 year jail term for the 57 year old accused. Seselj has already been jailed at the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal for nine years.

It was Vojislav Seselj that sparked a debate as to the allowance of defendants to ‘grandstand’ within the court. There have been defendants who have gone so far they even have dared to walk out of the court. Seselj often times harangued judges while proceedings were going on and has sung and even given short speeches.

Many assume that the ICC judges have been so lenient on the matters of social decorum in their courtrooms because they want the proceeding to move along at a speedy rate and don’t want to risk halting ongoing proceedings. This is a valid concern as a criticism of the ICC had been that they hadn’t actually given a verdict for many years. It’s understandable for judges to be concerned about this.

This topic has also sparked a Civil Law vs. Common Law debate within court critics.

The picture is a woman passing by posters showing Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the ultra-nationalist SRS-Serbian Radical Party, reading: “Serbia doesn’t want the EU – Serbia wants Seselj”




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